Not amused?


One notebook, last seen leaving Aberdeen in the hands of what may or may not have been a very hungry-looking mailman.


I probably worry too much. Rules and such have been updated as a result though – there have been some postage issues this week.



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Moustache Moustache!

Location: Aberdeen

I will be keeping a careful eye on my facial hair* if I ever bump into Alastair on a windy Aberdeenian night:



I suspect he has built up his face-fuzz collection over many years from unsuspecting passers-by and is merely waiting for his next chance to strike…

*Not that I have any idea how you’d actually do that .

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Up in the Far Dark North

The notebook has arrived in Aberdeen, and it hungers for flesh:


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It has Begun!

Location: Edinburgh


From the ridiculous,


to the emo! Next stop is… where?


It’s in the postbox as I type. This is all very exciting, yes?

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Okay we’re under new management but the plan is the same. We have a notebook:


There are a hundred pages in there that need filled up – great eh? I’ll be picking a name out of a hat in the next day or two and sending it out. The notebookery e-mail is still the same, so if you’re moving or whatever remember and give me a shout.

Shetland out


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In the beginning…

was the word, and the word was notebookery.

This word quickly went back into the lake to spawn and emerged carrying us on its back. We are the small ill-mannered child of

We have a notebook. We send it to someone. They add to it,  scan it and we upload the result. They send it on. At the end we try to sell it for charity.

If you are interested in joining the project email me at

Or if the international version appeals  then email mother at

So lets see what damage we can do

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